Sunday, August 9, 2015

Process Update: August 10th 2015

UPDATE: As of this evening, August 10th 2015, the last of the Lulu books, those previously published on, has been loaded onto CreateSpace and my Lulu Store has been shuttered. We are an all Amazon shop from now on I guess.

Here's where we stand in original release order:

  1. If Picasso Were a Fish: Available online at (
  2. If I Had a Gift: awaiting my proof copy.
  3. Abstracts: minimalist scribblings: awaiting my proof copy.
  4. Abstracts2; more minimalist scribblings: awaiting my proof copy.
  5. Holy Mackerel: awaiting my proof copy.
  6. I Have Two Bunnies: Available online at (
Work will now commence on something new. I just haven't decided which one yet but I'll keep you posted.

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