Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Get All Good Morning Wilton-ized

Good Morning Wilton is a local digital newspaper that has, some would argue, surpassed the regular print newspapers as the source for news in town for any of us with an internet device. There are a lot of us here with internet devices.

So when Good Morning Wilton contacts you and asks if they could do an interview with you about your say yes.

This past August founder, editor, lead reporter and all around doer of nearly everything, Heather Borden-Herve Facebook messaged me to set up an interview. I said yes of course and we talked for about an hour an 45 minutes about my books and how I get my ideas and execute the books I've written. We had a great time talking and the interview came out yesterday.

A big thank you to Heather for the great article.

Read it for yourself here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I've Gone All International

All issues involving copyright, making sure that I was the same Skip Ploss that had published the first books previously, have been sorted out and all six are now available at

The really cool thing about using CreateSpace is that they are an Amazon company and because of that books are placed in the Amazon supply chain nearly immediately when published. So, I thought I'd let you know what books are available in which countries through Amazon.

First the countries that have all six books available;
Now the countries with partial offerings;
So there you have it. 

It's pretty amazing really.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Abstracts Update: August 18th 2015

Abstracts: minimalist scribblings published 2006 and 2015 
After all books had been loaded into CreateSpace (Amazon) and all looked good I noticed that both Abstracts books had been locked for sale.

When I contacted CreateSpace they said that it was due to the fact that the books had been published before and that they needed to make sure that I was the author and that no copyright issues were being created.

The issue with previous publication was because I had those two books placed in the Amazon sales channel when they, the books, were being published by

Abstracts 2: more minimalist scribblings
published 2007 and 2015
After some back and forth and me sending sales and royalty records from the time that they were at Lulu along with the original cover file which was time stamped in 2006 and other bits of information including this interview from The 2 Cents Blog all seems to be straightened out and I am told that the two titles will be made available again shortly.

Now on the the new stuff!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Process Update: August 10th 2015

UPDATE: As of this evening, August 10th 2015, the last of the Lulu books, those previously published on, has been loaded onto CreateSpace and my Lulu Store has been shuttered. We are an all Amazon shop from now on I guess.

Here's where we stand in original release order:

  1. If Picasso Were a Fish: Available online at (
  2. If I Had a Gift: awaiting my proof copy.
  3. Abstracts: minimalist scribblings: awaiting my proof copy.
  4. Abstracts2; more minimalist scribblings: awaiting my proof copy.
  5. Holy Mackerel: awaiting my proof copy.
  6. I Have Two Bunnies: Available online at (
Work will now commence on something new. I just haven't decided which one yet but I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome to the New Plossville News!

In it's former iteration, the Plossville News section of was a downloaded version of Wordpress. Since support for that has somehow disappeared we've created a new one at Blogger.

Some big news since the last time we've spoken.

All of my books are being moved over to's, Amazon's publish on demand service. The main reason was a financial one. At the old publisher I needed to charge something like $16 per copy of Picasso for instance in order to make any profit. At CreateSpace I can charge under $10 and still make a little profit. That plus the books seamlessly move into the Amazon supply chain in six countries.

I'll give you a short rundown per book as to where we are in the process;

  1. If Picasso Were a Fish: done and available.
  2. I Have Two Bunnies: originally published at CreateSpace and available
  3. Abstracts: in the proofing stage and should be available August 15th.
  4. Abstracts 2: the same.
  5. If I Had a Gift: In the process of being completely recreated using the original artwork. All previous versions of the completed work were lost in a hard drive failure.
  6. Holy Mackerel: In the upload process.
I have several new books in the works as well;
  1. "Alone" about the last Rhino
  2. "If Lowey Were a Snail": the followup some 10 years later to Picasso. This time we are using snails to discuss automotive design.
  3. "I Have Two Chickens": The followup to I have Two Bunnies.
  4. "My Brother, My Sister and Me": A book created first on the iPad now being reworked for print.
That's it for now. I'll keep you posted on release dates and progress. 

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer.