Monday, September 30, 2019

Out and About: Other People Reading My Book Edition

It's been an amazing school year this year so far.

First, this is my 15th year in my school. That fact brought the realization that "If Picasso Were a Fish" and "If I Had a Gift" both turned 14 this year.

That, in turn, sparked another couple thoughts.
  • The students who first saw and reacted "Picasso" are all neck deep in college or military service or the start of their 20's.
  • The young woman on whose birthday sheet "Gift" was based, is also deep in college (she was in second grade at the time).
Then also the realization that I have not finished a book in a while.

So, I have six new books in a restarted pipeline. 

Now as to the title of this post...

The administration in my preK-grade 2 school reads a different book to each grade every year. This year, I'm blown away by this, they chose If I Had a Gift as the official book to read to every second grader in my building. 

I'm humbled beyond belief. 

I'll keep you posted on the pipeline.