Sunday, August 20, 2017

Recovered Treasure: Cleaning out the basement edition.

One of my projects this summer is going through all of the boxes downstairs many of which have been moved to several houses without having ever been opened. This has led to my downstairs office/studio looking like a cross between a residential street after a tornado and the hanger that the FAA uses to reconstruct downed aircraft.

It has also, however, allowed me to rediscover artifacts from the early days of my children's book author "career".

These include:

A 10 minute sketch of what a Saurat picture might look like for If Picasso Were a Fish.

The first parts of If Picasso Were a Fish. Interestingly, the goat sketch lead
to a whole bunch of "What?" designs that I put on Cafepress items.
They are returning to Cafepress now.

and the end of "Picasso" showing that the ending never changed through development.

The original "Picasso" sketch.

and a copy of the original birthday sheet that led to If I Had a Gift. Grace was in second grade, she's a sophomore in college now.