Monday, August 17, 2015

Abstracts Update: August 18th 2015

Abstracts: minimalist scribblings published 2006 and 2015 
After all books had been loaded into CreateSpace (Amazon) and all looked good I noticed that both Abstracts books had been locked for sale.

When I contacted CreateSpace they said that it was due to the fact that the books had been published before and that they needed to make sure that I was the author and that no copyright issues were being created.

The issue with previous publication was because I had those two books placed in the Amazon sales channel when they, the books, were being published by

Abstracts 2: more minimalist scribblings
published 2007 and 2015
After some back and forth and me sending sales and royalty records from the time that they were at Lulu along with the original cover file which was time stamped in 2006 and other bits of information including this interview from The 2 Cents Blog all seems to be straightened out and I am told that the two titles will be made available again shortly.

Now on the the new stuff!

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