Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome to the New Plossville News!

In it's former iteration, the Plossville News section of was a downloaded version of Wordpress. Since support for that has somehow disappeared we've created a new one at Blogger.

Some big news since the last time we've spoken.

All of my books are being moved over to's, Amazon's publish on demand service. The main reason was a financial one. At the old publisher I needed to charge something like $16 per copy of Picasso for instance in order to make any profit. At CreateSpace I can charge under $10 and still make a little profit. That plus the books seamlessly move into the Amazon supply chain in six countries.

I'll give you a short rundown per book as to where we are in the process;

  1. If Picasso Were a Fish: done and available.
  2. I Have Two Bunnies: originally published at CreateSpace and available
  3. Abstracts: in the proofing stage and should be available August 15th.
  4. Abstracts 2: the same.
  5. If I Had a Gift: In the process of being completely recreated using the original artwork. All previous versions of the completed work were lost in a hard drive failure.
  6. Holy Mackerel: In the upload process.
I have several new books in the works as well;
  1. "Alone" about the last Rhino
  2. "If Lowey Were a Snail": the followup some 10 years later to Picasso. This time we are using snails to discuss automotive design.
  3. "I Have Two Chickens": The followup to I have Two Bunnies.
  4. "My Brother, My Sister and Me": A book created first on the iPad now being reworked for print.
That's it for now. I'll keep you posted on release dates and progress. 

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer.


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